A-1 Student Agreement Contract

We’ll teach you how to get down the road!

Welcome to A-1 Driving School. All A-1 Instructors are State Certified and are thoroughly trained through the National Safety Council. We look forward to working with you and providing you with an enjoyable and safe environment necessary to mastering the rules of the road.

The student may not commence instruction before reaching 15 years of age.

Tuition: The student agrees to pay A-1 Driving School the total tuition of the current school rate in US dollars. A-1 accepts VISA/MC/DISC, cash and cashier’s checks. Student tuition is not transferable from one student to another. If the student decides to transfer from one A-1 course to another after being enrolled for more than 2 days a $30 service fee and the tuition difference will be assessed.

Refunds: Students are eligible for a full refund if the request is made within two days of registration. After the two day grace period a $50 service charge will be assessed in addition to any behind-the-wheel, observation, and classroom costs that incurred before withdrawal. Correspondences programs are subject to additional refund fees required by Open Road, WSU and Driversed.com.

No show Fees: An additional Fee of $50 will be charged to the student if he or she is absent from a previously scheduled behind the wheel driving appointment or a $30 fee for an observation appointment. If the student misses 2 appointments his/her tuition will be forfeited and the student fails the course. Cancellation must be done 24 hours in advance by logging into the students individual Drive Time account issued by A-1 or by contacting A-1's main office at: Salt Lake County 801-943-2525, Ogden/Davis Counties 801-393-4116, Utah County 801-226-5500.

Learners Permit: The student shall supply the school with a learners permit before any drives or observations are scheduled. It is the student’s responsibility to check all ID and testing requirements for the State of Utah before registering with A-1.


Instruction: A-1 Driving School will provide the student 18 hours of classroom instruction or 30 hours of correspondence through Open Road, WSU or Driversed.com. A-1 will provide students with 6 hours of driving and 6 hours of observation. We invite the legal guardian of students 18 years and younger to participate as a silent observer in the case that the scheduled observer is absent from your students scheduled drive. Scheduled drives without observers will continue as scheduled after the 24 hour cancellation period. It is the student’s responsibility to contact the main office for the status of your scheduled drive. A-1 reserves the right to cancel drives for reasonable cause after the 24 hour cancellation period. There is no guarantee of the student passing the state driving and written tests or of completing the program in a nine-day period. A-1 Driving Schools has no tolerance for student consumption of alcohol, drugs, or any chemical that may interfere with their performance behind the wheel. Student may be required to take a breath analyzer test prior driving. Any indulgence while participating in this program will result in immediate dismissal with no refund. Smoking and vaping is not aloud during lessons (classroom or car) or within 30 feet of A-1’s vehicles or classrooms. The use of personal electronic devices during class or while driving/observing in the car is prohibited.

In-Car Instruction: A-1 Driving School has developed a convenient, user friendly, program called DriveTime created to allow students to schedule their (3) 2 - hour driving sessions and (3) 2-hour observation sessions on-line. The DriveTime program was created to allow all currently enrolled students equal access to the available driving times. New available driving session are posted once each week. In an effort to provide those who have been enrolled longer priority access to the available drives, A-1 also utilizes a feature called "schedule staggering" which is turned on Tuesday morning and turned off on Friday morning. Several changing factors go into available driving sessions. High volume times of the year (June - October), student availability and A-1 instructor availability impact how quickly driving can be completed. Please review that "schedule staggering" feature before completing registration. If you have any questions about "schedule staggering" or how quickly you can expect to complete the driving portion of the course, contact us as 888-420-2525 before completing registration.

Time Limit: Students must complete the course within one year of the date of registration. If the course is not completed within one year the student must repay the full registration fee and start the course over.

Students may begin classes on the same day payment is received. Please bring a copy of your payment confirmation to class with you.

By checking the "I Agree" box and typing my name, I acknowledge that I have read and understand this agreement. A parent's signature will also be required for students under 18 years of age.

I, the student, agree to and understand the terms of this agreement.

I have read and understand this A-1 student agreement contract.

Privacy Policy: A-1 Driving School respects the privacy of its clients. We recognize the importance of protecting student information and will protect the personal and financial information that you have entrusted to us. A-1 Driving Schools’ employees do have access to your information in order to provide driver educational services to you. However, our employees’ access is restricted to their need to know such information or as necessary to respond to your inquiries and to provide your educational services. A-1 Driving School does not sell personal information to any third party companies or individuals.

Thank you for choosing A-1 Driving School!